Billing and Plans

SideCI Plans

SideCI has 4 plans, which are Free, Micro, Small, Medium and Large. Separately, we have prepared the 14-day trial plan. The plan will have started since the time when you add the first private repository, and it allows you to try SideCI without any limitations.


SideCI uses Stripe for payment. You can use credit card or debit card. Check our pricing page if you would like to know more details about billing.

Where can I change plan?

You can change plans in Organization settings page within

Billing overview

On this page, click 'Change plan' and select a plan. After click 'Confirm Payment', your plan will have be changed.
Note that, to change plans, you must be an admin role for your organization.

What is the difference between plans?

The point of difference of plans is how many private repositories you can add. If you are in a period of 14-day trial, SideCI allows you to add private repositories unlimitedly. Of course, however, You are able to add public repositories unlimitedly in any plans.

What if I want more repos.

If you would like to more than 50 private repositories, please contact us.